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Meditation Calligraphy Class 瞑想書道




Instead of painting characters, you will use my original and unique text created specifically for the Meditation Calligraphy class. It is based on elements of nature and was created to help you focus on the brush and your energy flow. As you focus on the oneness with the brush, you will easily transcend your thoughts.

Every session has a theme focusing on an element. For example, ‘water’. Using your imagination, you will picture your favorite place of water such as a waterfall, the ocean, or a river. As you move your brush, think of the water flow...feel the one with the water...

I will guide you through the meditation. For online classes, I will ask to mute your audio during the Zoom session, but you can have your own background music if you wish. I will explain the process before we start and you can ask any questions during the meditation session for clarification.   














文字に秘められる自己のエネルギーを、言葉と共に送り、受け取る… この原始的な動作は、多くのエネルギー交換を可能にして、互いの心に深いよりどころを作ってくれるのです。













描くという腕(体)の’動’ と、内から溢れるエネルギーとの融合で、自分があふれ出る。




The meditation calligraphy class with Eri Fukase

was fantastic! Such a special way to quiet the

mind and to connect with the energy of the

brushstroke. It’s as if mind and body become

one, expressing your soul. It was also amazing

how in just a few minutes Eri was able to teach

us how to paint a complex and meaningful kanji

character. I can’t wait to do this again! Feeling

very grateful for this special experience.


~ Maria D.



It was wonderful! I really enjoyed when you

held the brush and counted and made it

rhythmic…that helped! Thanks!


~ Jason T.



Really enjoyable and at the same time

challenging practice. Would love to continue

learning. It’s a gift to combine spirituality and

art in one stroke (not always a simple one).

Thank you so very much for a wonderful



With gratitude,


~ Helen K.



I loved this! Eri was great at explaining how to

do it, then she came around and drew it with

me…I found it easier to find the feeling of the

brush on the page. If I lived near her, I would

take classes with her for sure. Thanks, Eri.


~ Amanda J.



This workshop was amazing. I loved the

instruction and feel I did well with the direction

given. Thank you so much for your mastery

and care for the North American Jikiden Reiki


Much gratitude,


~ Louie L.



Thank you so much for the feeling of

calligraphy! Such an art and honor to learn;

and have so much attention for

everyone! Your passion is huge. Thank you.


~ Kitty S.



This calligraphy session was simultaneously

stimulating and relaxing. The beauty and

peace the strokes revealed were lovely.

I can easily understand how calligraphy

can be used for meditation.


Beautifully taught, and such a treat to have

such a unique piece of art to treasure.


~ Lorraine M.



Our class was learning to write nen in

calligraphy. It was a moving mediation, and

very enjoyable, and calming! Thank you!


~ Dottie M.



Thank you for a wonderful class. I really enjoyed

your patient instruction.


~ Paul S.



I enjoyed learning how to move my body with

the brush to create the kanji. It was very

meditative. Thank you.


~ Anne B.



Thank you for the wonderful teaching of

calligraphy. Your patience in teaching made

the class very enjoyable and helped everyone

to create a piece of art from the heart.


~ Laura C.



I liked the focus of feeling the strokes. I am

not artistic, so I feel intimidated by doing

any artwork, but Eri encouraged and reminded

us to feel the essence of 'nen', so I just had fun.

Thank you for the experience.


~ Dolphyn B.



It’s amazing the peace and stillness that

I felt during this activity. Best way to bring

in some zen in a relaxing and yet fun activity.

Thank you!


~ Joan N.



Thank you! We learned so much and many

life lessons! Very enjoyable and ever-lasting



~ Jeannette S.



I really enjoyed the class. Having you help

hold the brush made all the difference.

My practice sheets became better and better.

Very enjoyable! Thanks!


~ Carol D.



Eri is so great to learn Japanese calligraphy

from. It is an art I would love to pursue.

She gave excellent instructions and was

very helpful. I’m so happy I had the opportunity

to learn this meditative art. Thank you.


~ Tammy T.



Ah…I feel like I’m in a different frame of mind,

my printing here and now has that feeling of

more depth. But, at times I was close to

frustration not able to reproduce particularly

the thickness and fine points at beginning

and end. I feel the meaning of now/heart

is coming in more. Thank you.


~ Sherran P.



I just loved the class! The presentation

explained what we should ‘feel’ during the

calligraphy. I even started crying from a wave

of emotion that swept over me.

Thank you for the opportunity and experience.


~ Cindy G.



Eri-san is a wonderful instructor with clear

instructions. Her spirit is amazing and I want to

learn more. This was so enjoyable.

Everyone should try this!

Thank you so much!


~ Erin S.

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