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Traditional Calligraphy Lessons 書道クラス

Unlike Meditation Calligraphy, in this class, you will practice painting by replicating text.


With the traditional teaching method, students paint characters and practice the same set of characters for a month or so. Also, the teacher assigns the text to be painted.


However, in my class, I ask my students what they would like to paint. Of course, I will give you some suggestions, as needed.


I believe that painting characters that interest you will be easier to engage with and naturally increase your concentration.


This makes your experience more joyful, as well!     

kakizome 2019.jpg

The shodo class was not only interesting but lots of fun. Japanese brush calligraphy is such a beautiful form of art. My appreciation goes beyond appreciation with my eyes, especially after this short interactive discovery class.


Many of the others in the class, and I, could have stayed and practiced even longer. Great class with a wonderful and supportive teacher! Thank you, Eri!


~ Sharon F.



Thank you for teaching this class. It was a lot of fun. Fantastic teacher. I look forward to practicing the technique of calligraphy.


~ Maria D.



Thank you for the wonderful calligraphy class. I felt very connected to the brush and the moments. I hope to be able to do more calligraphy in the future. It is such a beautiful art form.


~ Joanne W.



Wonderful! Thank you for your time and patience. You have a very soothing and calm presence. We are very grateful!


~ James L.



Enjoyed this class very much, great presentation, wonderful teacher. Relax setup and helpful instructions made everything enjoyable and stress-free. Thank you, Eri!


~ Marius B.



The instructor was very professional, patient, and kind in assisting students with calligraphy. I am most grateful to have been able to be in the class and learn something new. I love my new piece of art for my reiki studio. Thank you!


~Lacy R.



Your class was wonderful! It is much more difficult than it looks, and you make it look simple.


~ Kelly S.

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