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I have never known any artist who can more skillfully share her genius for creating beauty in so many different mediums. Every time I wear one of her Vida items, people comment on it. I cherish the items I have gotten from her, including wall hangings, paintings, stunning silk blouses, a shimmering scarf, birthday cards, an elegantly designed glass plate, coasters, and more. I love being surrounded by Eri's art!


~ Carol K.

Eri has been creating Calligraphy Art since 1992. In addition to using traditional Japanese paper, she uses natural materials like tree branches and driftwood, as well as fabric and other media. Eri follows her inspiration as she creates Calligraphy Art with these materials.

Because the mounting is done by hand, each piece is unique and carefully crafted with character, taking into consideration the meaning of the words and the texture of the brush stroke.

By adding my favorite palette of colors to the range of traditional black and white characters, I create pieces that evoke even more deeply the world of the written character and its meaning. Beyond the two-dimensional nature of calligraphy, I wish to connect the human heart with a deeper world.


These items are a gift of inspiration and meditation. These examples of original Calligraphy Art, designed as clothing and accessories, are available online at VIDA.

Japanese Calligraphy Art – Commissions Accepted

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