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Jikiden Reiki Classes

Reiki, from its birth place

 ~ March 2023 seminar schedule ~

  Shoden - Mar. 26 (Fri. 9:30am~ 5:30pm , 27(Sat. 9am~12:30pm-ish) 

  Okuden - Mar. 27(Sat. 1pm~ 6 pm-ish)  28 (Sun. 9am~noon-ish)

Please contact : for more details                                  

Authentic Japanese Reiki for Body and Mind, Jikiden Reiki in its original simplicity: 


  • As taught by Dr. Hayashi, free of Western influence, including ideas and methods not previously taught in the West 西洋の影響のない、林忠次郎より直傳でそのままの教えによる靈氣の伝授

  • For new students as well as those already practicing, offering clarity, etc. to produce confident, skilled practitioners 靈氣初心者だけではなく、既に靈氣を学んだ方々にも明確さ、自信と技術の向上を提供

  • Proven safe and effective 実証済みの安全と効果

  • Non-religious 宗教とは無関係

初傳 At the Shoden Level, You Will Learn:

  • History, culture and origins of Reiki 霊気の歴史、文化的背景とその発祥について

  • Reiki for injuries, ailments, anxiety, chronic conditions, issues and habits, relaxation and rejuvenation                   怪我や病気、心配症、慢性疾患や悪癖、リラックス効果と元気回復

  • To identify toxin accumulation, and techniques to aid in removal 病腺の見分け方とその技法

  • To enhance the sensitivity in your hands 手のひらを敏感にするために

奥傳 At the Okuden Level, You Will Learn:

 ・Psychological treatment and distant Reiki;  Historical back grounds and methods.  


* After completing Shoden, also Okuden, receive accreditation and certificate by the Jikiden Reiki Institute, Kyoto, Japan       直傳靈氣研究会・京都本部発行の修了書受領

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Learning Jikiden Reiki from Eri feels like drinking a spring water from the ground! My whole body was happy with her teaching. It is clear and rejuvenating.:)











Eri was a very helpful and effective teacher for the Okuden course I took in summer 2022.


She explained the processes thoroughly and patiently. She provided feedback on any adjustments we needed to make in a very clear, but emotionally intelligent way. She also did a great job helping me with the Japanese pronunciation when we needed to use it since I am not a native speaker.


She had worksheets that we could use to say it properly. Eri also hosts reiki sessions for people to practice after the training, which is great so we get more practice in.


Overall, it was a very fun and inspiring class! I really appreciate getting to learn from Eri and would take courses from her in the future!  Alex M. 

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